A dermatologist is there to diagnose skin conditions, prescribe medications, remove skin cancer, and in general deal with your more serious skin issues. Much like any Doctor they spend about 15-20 minutes in the room with you and then have their staff take care of the rest. I have a dermatologist myself, and I love him and he is a critical part of my health care team.

On the other hand, an Esthetician spends a minimum of an hour with you. We learn about you and your skin. We do an in depth analysis, asking your questions about your lifestyle and skin care regimen. We might even get to know your skin even better than you do. We will see you up to 12 times a year and can notice differences quickly and make recommendations based on what we see. Often, it is your Esthetician that first notices a strange spot and sends you to the dermatologist to check out before it develops into skin cancer. It is worth noting that both are important and a good Esthetician will help you provide information to your Dermatologist. I think that I am always more successful when I can help my clients by giving them the information to communicate better with their doctors. It is also good to remember that often when you go to see a dermatologist and get a facial, that treatment is actually being done by an Esthetician. It is very rare that a Dermatologist would perform that service themselves, and you have to be licensed to give a facial, so not just anyone on their staff can perform this service.

I have had wonderful success in working closely with individuals to clear up problems with both their skin and hair. Remember hair grows out of your skin, so if you are having issues with your hair, it usually starts with issues with your skin. Often, the solution can be just a small adjustment to your lifestyle or the products that you use.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay beautiful!