I have been a little quiet on here of late. My days have been full of studying and formulating. This course I am taking is even more comprehensive than I originally expected. But, this week, I finally got to put the books down and create some actual products.  

  It is a slow process to start from square one again and to make sure I am well rooted in the basics of formulation. But, it is also a blast! I love what I do! I love exploring new herbs and ingredients and processes.  


Today I spent an hour or two researching copper stills to make my own hydrosols and essential oils. I’m considering getting something like this. 

My production needs are so minimal right now, that it is actually possible to do all of this myself. I just love the idea of growing herbs and flowers in my garden and then distilling them and mixing them into custom made products. It was 20 years ago when I first came up with this dream. Now, with the support of my amazing husband and all of you, I am finally seeing it come true! Here are some of the basic formulations I worked on this week. Forgive my chicken scratch notes to myself. 

The house smells so good! I have to make an adjustment with my preservative and then I will have some products to sample.  

Thank you again for all the love and support being sent my way! I appreciate each and everyone of you!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay beautiful,