I was working on putting together a flyer for the Miss Buckingham beauty pageant and realized I didn’t have any pictures of the spa on my website. So here are a few to check out while I work on getting some nicer ones done. 

This is the delicious treatment room. So warm and cozy. Once you get on that heated bed and the music starts up, you are carried away to another world. 

Here is the styling chair. I got this chair and the hair dryer in the background for just  a few just a dollars 11 years ago when my salon was located in the washer and dryer closet in my apartment. I know some of you will remember that. Sometimes I consider the idea of buying a new chair, but they just don’t make them like they used to. This chair is ridiculously comfortable for what it is. I just haven’t been able to find anything new to replace it. 

The painting in the background was done by my friend Adriana’s mother, Dominique Anderson. She is a wonderfully talented artist. Some of her work used to be on the walls of the old Eastern Standard restaurant in Charlottesville. The painting is of the French Alps. 

I have to admit I am a little creeped out by traditional pedicure stations. They are notoriously hard to keep clean and free from dangerous pathogens. So, at Tirtha I have opted for an acupressure massage chair and a pedicure bowl from Noel Asmar. It is easy to keep disinfected from one service to the next, and adds just a touch of luxury to your pedicure experience. 

I did an upgrade on my hair washing sink when we relocated last time. This one is surprisingly comfortable, which allows me to do complimentary deep conditioning treatments on your hair right at the sink. You can’t see it in the photo, but there is a stool that allows you to kick your feet up and relax while I perform one of my famed head massages. 

The paintings above the sink are done by the incredible Abby Kasonik. It is totally worth it to follow her on Instagram or check out her website. She has some enormous 5 or 6 foot paintings that are breathtaking! 

Obviously the best thing to do is just come in and see the spa for yourself! 

But in the meantime, 

Stay happy, stay healthy, stay beautiful!