I love products. Since I was a young girl nothing excited me more than trying out a new lotion, shampoo, oil, or face cream. Over the years, I have discovered not all products are created equal. Some work wonders and other are a waste of money. Some are packed with potent ingredients and some are chock full of chemical fillers. Many of the most expensive products tout the powerful benefits of their naturally derived ingredients, but these ingredients only make up a small amount of the product, while the rest is filled with man made chemicals.

Recently, I got a sample of a 1.7oz skin cream that sells for $195. Most of what the literature on the product talked about was the power of the natural ingredients. But, when I put it on my face, I immediately knew that the natural ingredients made up for a small amount of the products overall makeup. I could literally feel the difference. I didn’t even need to read the packaging to know it had chemical fillers. You would think that for $195 dollars it wouldn’t need fillers, but I guess it is all about making more money, not making better products.

We are perfectly capable of creating powerful, concentrated, natural products without any excess chemicals. In spite of the fact that much of the industry still wants to argue about the safety of many of the chemicals used in personal care products, I say why take the chance? There are plenty of safe and effective alternatives, so why would you risk your health and safety? Protect your own health. We are given one precious body in this life. It is our most precious gift and it is our responsibility to treat it with respect and care. We are all going to age, but why not do it gracefully and in good health?

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay beautiful!