Apoth3cary by radha is a natural and organic skincare and haircare line. Many of the hydrosols and extracts are grown on the premises and distilled or extracted here at our onsite apothecary. Other ingredients are sourced from the highest quality suppliers and require Ecocert approval. We do our best to create a garden to skin experience. With short shelf lives and potent ingredients we believe we are creating a unique experience for you. Apoth3cary is separated into 3 separate lines, Simple, Signature, and Sumptuous. We believe clean and healthy skincare should be available to all people so we created the Simple line. These formulas are just what they sound like, just a few key clean ingredients. The next tier up is Signature. This line provides more active ingredients with anti-ageing properties for toning the skin, brightening your complexion and lifting and firming. Lastly, is Sumptuous. These are the products that we love the most. They contain expensive and exotic botanicals that are potent in the synergies we formulate. These products provide the greatest possible nutrients with all the latest ingredients, utilizing anti-ageing technology.